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The CFC Story

Lauren and Leigh both moved to Clemson in 2015, and Lauren started teaching barre in December of 2015 at Clemson Yoga. Leigh got certified in 2016 and took over for Lauren when she went on maternity leave. Leigh and Lauren attended a fitness conference together in Chicago in March of 2017. On the plane ride home they came up with this crazy idea that they should open their own studio with multiple formats. The desire to create Clemson Fitness Company started from Lauren and Leigh’s passion for helping people reach their fitness goals in a fun and empowering environment. At first, they thought it was just a fun daydream, until Kevin, Leigh’s husband, gave them the pep talk of all pep talks and convinced them they could really make this a reality. To say the fire was lit would be an understatement. Within 3 weeks of returning home from Chicago, they had established an LLC, found a space, created a logo, developed a website, printed t-shirts, and came up with the studio design concept and business plan. The whole family pitched in to make the studio possible. Leigh’s dad, Gary, helped build all of the equipment and retail shelves. Nancy helped clean and organize the entire studio. Leigh’s girls, Gillian, Adrienne, and Peyton spent countless hours helping with Lauren’s girls, Annabelle, and Harper and allowed us to teach them practice class after practice class. Lauren’s husband Eric, helped create the business plan and acted as sound engineer. Setting a healthy example for their children is one of their top priorities. The three dots on the right side of the logo represent Leigh’s three girls and the two dots on the left side of the logo represent Lauren’s two girls. They hope Clemson Fitness Company can become everyone’s fit family that helps lift them up and lead better lives!

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