PulsePointe barre

PulsePointe barre is a nationally recognized program by ACE, AFAA, and NASM with over 650 instructors teaching in 70+ clubs across the country. 
In 2010, Lauren began taking barre classes throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex in order to learn all she could about this new and exciting format. Each class offered a different perspective on traditional barre work but something was missing. She missed the fun factor from group fitness classes and the way a kick butt cardio class can really induce a great sweat! After pursuing numerous barre and Pilates certifications and honing her teaching and choreography skills, Lauren decided to take all of the elements she loved about barre, her knowledge as a Pilates instructor, and the skills she learned in the group fitness industry, to create an inspiring and creative barre class of her own. Thus PulsePointe barre was born!
PulsePointe barre is an innovative and challenging barre experience that seamlessly weaves together traditional muscle-sculpting barre choreography with exhilarating cardio segments to define and challenge the body in a whole new way. PulsePointe takes barre to the next level by matching each segment with upbeat music to motivate and energize your class! By utilizing the unique PulsePointe barre class blueprint, you can choreograph your own creative barre segments with the knowledge you are delivering a rock solid class every time! 
Lauren has had the honor of certifying hundreds of instructors. She has also had the privilege to present her PulsePointe barre program at national fitness conferences across the United States, including SCW Mania & the Empower! Conference circuit. 
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