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PulsePointe barre


Barre is designed to tone and tighten your body from head to toe while elevating your heart rate and burning mega calories! Each class will begin with an energizing warmup, followed by upper body work with light dumbbells. Next, we will hit the barre for lower body sculpting ballet inspired exercises, and then finish on the mat for Pilates inspired core work and stretching. Barre is designed to be a fun and uplifting experience set to upbeat music! 


HIIT barre

Take your workout to new heights with HIIT Barre. This high intensity barre format combines traditional muscle sculpting barre exercises with functional high intensity intervals and plyometrics. Plie, pop, pulse, and lunge your way to your fittest body yet in just 45 minutes! Although this workout is intense, modifications are offered for all advanced exercises so all levels are welcomed and encouraged to try this thrilling class! 

TRX Fitness


Earn your better through TRX training! This class builds power, strength, flexibility, balance, mobility and core strength using your own leveraged body weight as resistance. TRX Power Sculpt combines strength training with cardio intervals to create a total body workout that will leave you feeling powerful. All levels are welcomed but class sizes are limited so sign up ahead of time to reserve your spot! 


TRX Remix

Get out of your comfort zone and learn new skills in this interval style strength and conditioning workout. Developed by a former Navy Seal, TRX is efficient and highly effective. TRX will develop your balance and core strength as well as increase your endurance and stamina. This class uses a backbone of TRX exercises along with mix of kettle bells, dumbbells, battle ropes, gliders, core balls, BOSU’s, and medicine balls to create a unique training experience. Because your bodyweight creates the resistance, all of our TRX classes are designed with the ability to modify or advance any exercise based on your personal fitness level.

Kettlebell AMPD


kettleBEAT takes heart-pumping music and your favorite kettlebell moves and combines them into 45 minutes of calorie-torching fun! This whole-body workout emphasizes group fitness and focuses on specific areas such as arms, legs, core, and cardio. Each song concentrates on a main area, while still maintaining a whole-body routine.



Whether you’re looking to build muscle, decrease body fat, or improve your endurance, HIIT workouts are a fast-paced way to get a lot out of your gym time. CFC HIIT will combine strength training with high intensity cardio intervals (low impact options always available) to create an action packed workout that will challenge your body, bust plateaus, burn fat, increase muscle mass, improve heart health, and increase your metabolism. You'll calorie burn will continue long after you leave the studio!

Yoga Sculpt


Let's get ready to rumble! This 45 minute high intensity cardio workout includes a series of strong punches, powerful kicks and plyometric moves that mimic real boxing. Jab, cross, hook, and uppercut your way to sculpted shoulders and a strong core with this fun and energizing workout! 

Yoga Sculpt

CFC Pump

CFC Pump is a total body muscular endurance class that will leave no muscle untouched. Utilizing a variety of equipment such as dumbbells, kettle bells, Bender Balls, resistance bands, and gliding discs, participants will move through a variety of exercises set to fun upbeat music. Building lean muscle mass through resistance training will help you reach your fitness goals faster and CFC Pump will help you do just that while having fun and burning mega calories!

All In Yoga

All In Yoga 

If you have lived in Clemson for even a short time, you know "All In" is something this town loves to say and live. We wanted to bring a yoga class to the studio that would embody what we love most about the Clemson family. This class is just like it sounds, ALL are welcome!! ALL levels, even if you are a beginner or the most advanced yogi and ALL ages and ALL bodies. We want everyone to feel like they have a home in this class. The focus of this class will be recovery and stretching, it will serve as a great compliment to the high intensity classes on our schedule throughout the week or to any other physical activity you do in your everyday life. 

Yoga Sculpt

Vinyasa yoga

Vinyasa yoga is a type of practice that involves synchronizing the breath with a continuous flow of postures. The fluid, almost dance-like movements increase flexibility, strength, and stamina, as it calms the mind and improves overall health. By flowing from one posture to the next, you create heat within the body that allows you to deepen your practice.


HIIT'n the Beat

Get ready for a 45 minutes of calorie blasting! HIIT 'n the Beat blends cardio and toning while jamming to your favorite songs.  You will see many familiar CFC moves with no equipment!  You will have a blast, see results both physically and mentally, and leave this class wanting more because it's so much fun!



Get ready to party yourself into shape! Zumba is an exhilarating, easy-to-follow, international dance inspired, calorie-burning fitness party that will leave you wanting more! Suitable for all levels! Come let loose and enjoy a great workout!

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high fitness

HIGH Fitness has brought aerobics back in a hip and unique way! Think old school aerobics made modern with elements of HIIT training, choreography, and kickboxing set to music ranging from the '80s to today! You will have a blast, see results both physically and mentally, and leave the class wanting more because it is THAT fun!

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